We passionately believe that enablement can make a difference. The words of love we've received from Sponsors & PWDs alike stands as a testament to that.


CDT Enrollee Placed in SalesForce
"Without CDT and the efforts of their team, I would have never been able to be where I am today. I cannot thank them enough for what they've done for me"


CDT Enrollee Placed in Hilton Hotels
"I always wanted to work in a BIG organization and CDT helped me make that happen. To them a Hearing Disability is just a minor setback in the road to my dreams"


CDT Enrollee Placed in Accenture
"Polio confined me to a wheelchair when I was young and robbed me of a lot of my childhood. CDT has given me back my future."


Disability Awareness Session Participant
"I never realized the difficulty that People With Difficulties face doing activities as simple as trying to cross a road or go to work. These sessions have opened my eyes and I have definitely made the effort to be more open to helping and learning ASL."
We can do much more with more funds, but we need your help to achieve it.