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Through CDT, it’s really easy to be the enabler of change and make a difference in a disabled person’s life.

An Overview

Whether it’s through individual donations or funds made accessible through Corporate CSR Programs, CDT would not be where it is today without the partnerships forged with some of the biggest business houses and multinationals in the world. Our passion for creating truly inclusive working spaces is a vision for the future of an Inclusive India.

When partnering with corporates for fundraising, we have four key programs through which CSR endowments, grants or donations are routed. These are Livelihood Training, Self-Defence for Women, Sign Language Training and Disability Awareness Sessions. Through each of these programs, we aim to accomplish a specific goal mandated by the Donor.

The goals maybe education and awareness, employability and recruitment and optimization of employee volunteer hours. As an example of how closely our deliverables are aligned with corporate processes, our recruitment drives are tailor-made to suit each individual company’s requirements. Deliverables also include accessibility enablers such as a sign language interpreter to make the process as trouble-free as possible.

We have trained 3807, placed 2545 and worked with 700 employers.

All of CDT’s programs are entirely driven by charitable donations. The livelihood training and self-defence classes, for example, require a Corporate CSR grant in order to be executed. In all cases, firm targets are set in terms of individuals with disabilities trained and/or women taught self-defence. The sign language and Disability Awareness Sessions, on the other hand, are almost always carried out pro bono by CDT as our goal is to spread awareness of disability. Apart from corporate CSR grants, we do receive donations from foreign countries as well as we are fully FCRA compliant. These donations, however, have for the most part been individual in nature. Each of these donation driven programs adheres to strict, mandatory levels of transparency, integrity and accountability. CDT is audited regularly by companies such as Deloitte Consulting on behalf of our Donors.

Our collaborations with corporates and their employees have a far-reaching impact on CDT as an organization and how we operate. Going deeper than just the execution of a CSR program, we are fortunate enough to have specialized expertise at every level, which has helped us scale our outreach and enable as many individuals with disabilities as we can. These skills range from Marketing and Finance managers volunteering their time to help us raise funds and review finance systems to Legal and IT specialists helping us work well within the law and being up to date with our digital training capabilities. Additionally, we also have a steady stream of volunteers from the corporate sector who help us with our daily operations and more excitingly, have helped us build connections with other NGOs and organizations looking at making a difference and giving back to the community.

Testimony 2

Our partnership with CDT has allowed us to hire some of the brightest and most dedicated individuals I have ever seen. That fact that these people would have normally never even been interviewed has shown us the importance of CDTs mission. As we grow, I look forward to hiring more disabled candidates with their assistance.

Conrad Vincent

Testimony 1

Ever since we've hired candidates with CDTs help, I can truly say that my organization is actually fully inclusive - something that had been purely on paper till then.

Ramesh Subramani