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Help Us make a difference in the lives of the disabled by joining us on our journey.

An Overview

The success of CDT today is a testament to the dedication, persistence and self-sacrifice of our growing army of volunteers. From organizing events to assisting with daily operations and even contributing their time towards the Livelihood Training Program, the volunteers who work with CDT are a continued source of inspiration.
We believe every person volunteering for our NGO brings something unique to the table. With our corporate volunteers, for example, we have found their experience and learnings invaluable when it comes to improving our existing programs; keeping them up to date and offering greater value to the disabled individuals we help find employment. Our volunteers critically also help spread awareness about our pro-bono and sponsored programs that allow us to make inroads into more and more organizations to further our cause. Lastly, and most importantly from a Corporate CSR perspective, our program based volunteering options help CSR managers optimize their engagements by enabling an avenue for both CSR budget allocation and employee contribution.

We routinely conduct events, both at our campus in Bangalore and other locations across the state for all the various outreach programs we run. These events are a critical aspect of our cause and help us raise awareness, funds and new enrollees. From running these events through our own internal network, we have today been fortunate enough to have a large roster of volunteers spearheading the conceptualization and management of a wide range of events. These range from walkathons to silent street awareness marches and engaging donors in foreign countries. We firmly believe that an active marketing initiative offline can only serve to complement our efforts online. Whether you are an individual, a group or a corporate, we are happy and proud to associate with your brand. Register now to start volunteering in the events we conduct.

Our needs and requirements go beyond just fundraising and program delivery. Like any organization, we stand to benefit from the expertise of volunteers at every level of the organization; from helping us instil stricter and more transparent financial protocols to developing a more robust platform for reaching more PWDs. Across the following verticals, if you believe you have a method, a process or a system that we can benefit from, please do get in touch with us for volunteering opportunities; we would be more than happy to learn from your experience: Finance & Accounting, Marketing & Fund Raising, Human Resources, Operations and Project Management, Information Technology and Donor Relations & Management.

Testimony 3

Volunteering with CDT has given me so much satisfaction and happiness. Watching the candidates grow in self-confidence and ability is one of the most heart-warming things I have ever experienced. I will continue to help CDT with their volunteering efforts for as long as I'm able.

Vineetha Krishnan

Testimony 4

My colleagues and I help CDT out with their marketing and finance-related tasks whenever we're able. Watching their organization grow from where it was to where it is today and what they're achieving is truly amazing. I'm glad we contributed in our own small way to that level of growth.

Raghav Kurien