CDT has helped thousands of disabled individuals like me find employment and economic independence. Read about CDTs success stories below

An Ambassador For Change

Ashwini's Story
The poster child of CDTs Livelihood Training Program, Ashwini’s story serves as the benchmark for all individuals with disabilities to not give up on their dreams, and improve their lives by overcoming any obstacle....

Overcoming Muscular Dystrophy

Divakar's Story
A B.Com graduate who now is happily employed by a leading multinational in India, Divakar’s story could easily have been one of a thousand similar stories where a disabled individual struggles to find meaningful employment and make ends meet...

Beating Polio With Ambition

Saritha's Story
Disabled by Polio at age 3, Saritha hails from a small village in Andhra Pradesh where, despite her disability, she was able to complete her education and graduate with a Bachelor's Degree in Commerce. Unable to further her education due to her family’s...

Aiming Big No Matter What

Rahul's Story
The only disabled child in a middle-class Indian family, Rahul was always given every opportunity to succeed by his parents who were extremely supportive and understanding of their sons hearing disability. A very active individual with a positive...

Beating Disability with Ambition

Swarnagouri's Story
The daughter of a Lecturer, Swarnagouri like a lot of other individuals with disabilities is a highly educated graduate in Engineering who was unable to find employment due to her hearing disability. Through a partner organization, she found, registered and...
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