No woman should be helpless. Our Self-Defence classes help women with diabilities fight back.

An Overview

With rape and other crimes against women becoming almost an endemic problem in India, women with disabilities are especially vulnerable. Whether it is a lack of awareness, control over their bodies, poverty or dependence on others, a multitude of factors push these women into situations where they are at a major disadvantage compared to able-bodied women. Realizing the urgent need of the hour to empower these women and teach them how to defend themselves, CDT has launched a one-of-a-kind self-defence training program. Among all the NGOs that empower women, CDT’s program is the first of its kind in South India that harnesses the skill and knowledge of eminent trainers such as international kickboxing champion Girish R Gowda and  Arvind Khaire known as Safe-T-Guru.

Our Training Methodology

Our self-defence program is designed to change the victim mentality most of these women come to CDT with. The intention is to gradually replace that, with the desire and willingness to act through training and education. Supported by various corporate partners, these programs focus on making participants overcome fear, be confident and have the presence of mind to act in any difficult situation. This program has been very well received by the participants.