Overcoming Muscular Dystrophy

A B.Com graduate who now is happily employed by a leading multinational in India, Divakar’s story could easily have been one of a thousand similar stories where a disabled individual struggles to find meaningful employment and make ends meet. After being diagnosed with muscular dystrophy at the tender age of 5, Divakar’s parents were resigned to the fact that his condition would deteriorate with age, something that his doctors at the time had clearly indicated would happen despite their best efforts.

Not willing to resign himself to his fate, he continued to persevere, not letting his lack of mobility hinder his desire to make something of himself as he reached employable age. Despite simple activities that able-bodied people take for granted, climbing stairs, getting on and off a bus, and so on, being a real challenge, his initial attempts at finding employment did not end up in anything long term.

That was when he approached CDT who placed him in the Livelihood Training Program and provided him with the means to overcome his disability. Today, Divakar is happily employed by ANZ, a Fortune 500 multinational, and is proof that with adequate opportunities and training, any disabled individual can rise far above their circumstances.