What better way to understand our problems than experiencing the world as we do.

An Overview

Despite a lot being said about workplace inclusivity, it still comes as a surprise to many just how little is actually done at companies to make their processes and workspaces inclusive. To remedy the situation, the Disability Awareness Session is designed and run by CDT. The program aims to arouse empathy in people towards PWDs by giving them an insight into the challenges and hardships they face in everyday life.

Costing just INR 10,000 per session, the program is completely interactive, can be held at both onsite and offsite locations. It places able-bodied people in the shoes of the disabled for a few hours. From experiencing the frustration of inaccessibility in offices without wheelchair access to the struggle of navigating public spaces while being visually impaired, the lessons offer a totally new perspective on the struggles of PWDs in everyday life. The awareness sessions are ideal for corporates, universities and schools.