Aiming Big No Matter What

The only disabled child in a middle-class Indian family, Rahul was always given every opportunity to succeed by his parents who were extremely supportive and understanding of their son’s hearing disability. A very active individual with a positive approach towards life, Rahul’s connection with Cheshire Disability Trust started when he approached CDT for help to land a job at a ‘big’ organization. Realizing his own worth, he refused to join smaller companies as a process associate or a data entry operator which is why the recruitment team shared his profile with the hiring team at Hilton.

“Having Darshan who is also deaf like me as a trainer was a huge confidence booster” says Rahul. “It tells me that if he can do it, I can work in any field as well”. This attitude and his general approach to challenges saw Rahul dramatically change during his training at CDT. He became more aware of his surroundings and how to conduct himself with others. During the mock interview sessions conducted by CDT’s volunteers, he was able to confront his worries and ultimately attended the interview at Hilton with a very positive outlook that undoubtedly helped in him getting hired.

Today, Rahul continues to work with Hilton where he has managed to double his salary through promotions and increments; a true testament to his ability.