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Success Stories

Disabled girls were considered to be burden to families. But, no more” says a confident Lakshmi from Chitradurga, who got a job in the packing section at Anand Industries.

Previously Lakshmi earned Rs 300 per week by making bags, barely enough to take care of her parents and a sister – who is mentally challenged. When CHI-LRC’s team visited Chitradurga, they counselled and encouraged her to attend the Job Fair.

Lakshmi earns Rs 8000 per month at Anand Industries and stays in Working Women’s Hostel for the Disabled.

Lakshmi says “This is my first job. I never dreamt that I will get this job. Thanks to CHI-LRC for encouraging me to attend the Job Fair. Now, my parents take my sister for her medical check-up regularly.”

Cheshire Disability Trust