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Success Stories

From her parents carrying her around to weave a life for her – now Ashwini has taken the responsibility to look after her parents.
In 2012, when Ashwini came to our Livelihood Resource centre –Cheshire Homes India, Bangalore, we did not even dream that she would get placed at Concentrix. But Ashwini, who is disabled by birth and with stunted growth, worked tirelessly to reach her goal.
Ashwini has faced many challenges in her life from friends and neighbours ridiculing her and her brother (who is disabled with stunted growth) to the bitterness of not getting any employment.
Ashwini is a graduate but without any employability skills, she found it difficult to get any jobs. Ashwini desperately wanted a job – to be independent and help the family come out of poverty. But due to her immobility, and lacking the financial capacity to get a wheelchair, her future remained a question mark.

After the training at Livelihood Resource Centre, Bangalore in aptitude, communication Basic English and soft skills, she faced one interview with Concentrix and was selected. Ashwini was in tears as she held her offer letter. She couldn’t believe herself. She was relieved that she can take care of her parents and the feeling that she can be an independent person.

We also helped Ashwini to get a wheelchair to make her move independently.

Ashwini progressed well and today she has moved to a better job and works at ADECCO. Along with her brother, she has moved to a better house. Her happiness and satisfaction is that she is not a burden to her parents. She finds great joy in taking care of her parents.

  • With IBM in 2012, for a salary of 6K per month which went upto 12K in the 2 and half years she worked.

  • In 2015 we helped her move to Accenture with a better payment package of 17K per month, she worked there for 2 and half years.

  • Now in July 2017, we have placed her with Dell with a salary of 32K.

  • In a span of 5 years she moved from a package of 0.72L PA to 4L PA. This shows how methodically her career has been planned

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