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Sector Specific Training

CDT follows Leonard Cheshire Disability's approach to livelihoods to promote employment opportunities for people with disabilities (PwD). Training being the most important aspect of the process of sourcing livelihood options it is our top priority. LRCs have always given ample stress on training candidates. Within the admit of trainings, LRC shall provide:

Under Sector Specific Training LRCs provide:

  • Retail Training: Retail training refers to training that caters to improving the effectiveness of employees in the retail industry. Customer Service Training and Sales Training come under this.
  • Hospitality Training: Hotels and restaurants are the most important part of the hospitality sector. These serve a lot of various requirements, in addition to the outdoor accommodation, food, entertainment, etc.
  • IT and BPO Training: The IT/BPO industry in India is gaining momentum. There are many opportunities for well trained, English speaking candidates in BPO companies. Since BPO firms receive lot of delegated works from all over the world, candidates will get opportunities to grow to international standards.
  • Tally: Any PwD who has a commerce base and is interested in accountancy can take up the Tally Software Training.
  • And Advance Computer Skills – technical software & hardware courses for Graduates for advance specialization.
  • Other need-based trainings – garments, manufacturing, electrical, artisan etc. The LRCs offer the above trainings either directly or in collaboration with professional training partners who have been sensitized to the requirements of PwD.
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