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Key Role of CDT

We understand the urgent attention that this segment of society needs. India being one of the fastest developing nations in the world has the biggest open markets and huge manpower requirements. With our effort along with various alliances, we want disabled people to be in the running for these posts. Our Placement team ensures that we are able to provide employers with skilled and talented PwDs, who are capable of contributing to the company’s progress.
Through our National Livelihood Resource Centre (NLRC) in Bangalore and our Cheshire partners in 5 other locations in India, we provide free career guidance, soft skills training, sector-specific training, placement support, entrepreneurship training & self employment support to PwDs.

When a candidate approaches us, we at CDT make a detailed case analysis about the individual, which helps us understand where the candidate stands on certain parameters like education, skill, interest etc. We then discuss and offer options to the candidate following which we suggest appropriate training programs which will enrich them, motivate them and thus provide them with an opportunity to enter the job market in the mainstream. We ensure all around development of the candidate, such as - working on communication skills / presentation skills before they are ready for their job screening.
This whole process provides enough encouragement, builds confidence and provides a morale boost to the person with disability who has faced and overcome many challenges before reaching this point. We run various programs and impart specific training to this segment to ensure we are able to live upto their and their future employers’ expectations. We work with the Government, Corporates, Civil Society organizations and other stakeholders to create an inclusive environment and raise awareness levels through various events.

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“To change the national consciousness on Disability from Inability to Capability”

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