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Registration & Career Guidance – handholding the youth

We identify and register youth with disability between the age group of 18-30 years for sector based and need based training.

Prior to the training, we conduct Career Guidance Workshops in Bangalore and rural areas to assess the capacity of the youth and accordingly guide them to choose the courses.

Training – powering inclusiveness

Our centres provide the following training:

                       Internet Technology
                       Basic English

  Basics in computers of two months’ duration
  Soft skill and Foundation course
  Internet usage, Type Master
  Microsoft packages – Word and Excel
  Communicative English
  Aptitude Training-Quantitative and Reasoning

Aiming to offer a complete package, we also provide:

  Soft skills, life skills
  Support in preparation of resume, packaging of profiles and mock interviews session with the       support of volunteers
  Sign language support while at training, during interviews and post placement
  Facilitate procurement of aids and appliances
  Free accommodation, travel to our centres and healthcare facilities during an emergency to       youth from distance places
  Self employment to those with severe disability and lacking academic background

Sector Specific Training

  Hospitality Sector – six weeks’ duration

  Retail training – six weeks’ duration

Need Based Training

  Sponsorship for advanced training at external training institutions

  Any other need based training, as per the need of the candidates

Cheshire Disability Trust