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      Cheshire Disability Trust’s (CDT) roots dwell deep into the history of India, when Lord Leonard Cheshire, a highly decorated world war II veteran, met India’s first Prime Minister Sri Jawaharlal Nehru with a vision to provide lifelong residential care services for the disabled. This resulted in the first Cheshire Home, outside UK being set up in Mumbai in 1956. Cheshire Homes India is today has a strong all India presence with 17 Cheshire Homes and two locations where outreach services are provided. High quality residential care for severely disabled people and is provided and sustained through local donations. Since 2008 a new Cheshire service named Livelihood Resource Centre was started to empower persons with disabilities to be economically independent

    Cheshire Disability Trust (CDT) was formed in 2010 as an autonomous trust to exclusively focus on promoting livelihoods for Persons with Disabilities (PwD) in India. CDT has its National Livelihood Resource Centre (NLRC) in Bangalore and there are five other Livelihoods Resource Centers (LRCs) across India. These are implemented by Cheshire's partner organizations in those individual locations.

    The CDT act as a one stop platform to provide all related services that support a person with disability (PwD) to fully participate in livelihood opportunities and be part of the mainstream. Leonard Cheshire Disability (LCD) is a UK based international NGO that supports thousands of persons with disabilities in the UK and works in 55 countries in partnership with 250 NGOs across the world. LCD’s Access to Livelihood Programs achieved global recognition in 2012 as being among 40 most innovative development practices. CDT is the implementing partner in India for LCD’s Access to Livelihoods programs. CDT has mainly reached out to persons with disability from a poor economic background and from rural communities.

    CDT is a strong committing to enabling Persons with Disabilities (PWD). We look forward to your support in our mission “To change the national consciousness on Disability from Inability to Capability” by empowering persons with disabilities towards decent livelihoods.

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